Five favourite features of Microsoft Teams

So, if you weren’t aware there has been a growing number of organisations rolling out Microsoft Teams over the past few years. The new(ish) Microsoft product has been getting attention as people move away from Slack or upgrade from Skype for Business to the sleek, purple beast.

With that in mind, I’ve gone though and thought about my five favourite features of Teams:

1.      Tagging

Extremely useful for bringing something to someone’s attention. I will normally share a blog, article or document on the Conversation tab and tag either the individuals, team or company in my comments so everyone gets the notification and know where it is. What’s even better is that if it’s a file, it gets stored as part of the team where I’ve posted the file – in the SharePoint site behind it.

2.      Knowing when a meeting has started

We’ve all been a few minutes late for a meeting. Especially on those days where time gets away form us and we don’t know what day of the week it is, let alone what time of day. Now when someone starts a Teams call I need to be on, I get a notification in the bottom corner of my screen letting me know that someone has started the meeting. A small nudge – but it means that we all join our calls sooner.

3.      Joining a meeting from any device

I love this! I can start my meeting from laptop, phone or tablet and get most (if not all) of the same features as any other device. The other day I was out and about and needed to jump on a call with a client. They wanted to share their screen and I only had my iPhone. No matter – I was able to see their screen and what they were sharing (though it may have been a bit small typeface).

4.      GIFs

What a great way of making sure a message lands in the right tone of voice. Someone asked me the other day in the office, ‘How can I make sure my message comes across as a joke?’ ‘GIFs!’. So simple, but such a perfect way to inject humour into the workplace and make sure that those chat messages are read in the right way.

5.      Live sharing documents in chat

Someone can share a document with me in a chat and it’s not a document, but a link to the live file stored in OneDrive/SharePoint. This way I make sure I’m not editing or reviewing the right file and it keeps the version history without me having to worry about a thing!

My list is short and to the point, and there are so many more features I could talk about. If you’re using Teams, what’s your favourite?