Who are FITTS?

FITTS was created to bring together passionate and experienced people to deliver digital transformations. Tirelessly working with our customers to transform their customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and allowing you to maximise your return on investment. We aim to ensure that your technology platform supports your business objectives and that it just FITTS – nothing else will do.


To enable customers to transform and improve through the delivery of modern technology solutions.


To deliver high quality services to all of our customers regardless of size, industry or selected solution.

How did FITTS start?

The merging of experience between delivery and strategy.


Hundreds of thousands of end user transformations. From Windows XP through Windows 10 and the Modern Desktop, and Exchange on premise to Office 365.


Led many world wide end user and infrastructure transformations for world wide organisations.


Developed roadmaps and strategy for some of the worlds largest organisations.


Implemented high level cyber security all over the world.