FITTS prides itself on its customer service, providing you with what you want, not what we want to sell you. We shall take your organisation specification and mould a programme around what’s best for your organisation. We know that change can’t be made overnight. Change is a progress and takes a while to get used to. But that’s what were here for.

“Typically, only 34% of users are willing to use new technology rollouts.”

CIO Executive Board

Working with companies of any size and in any industry, we know that change and adoption differs for each person, depending on their experiences and technology today. From the cautious, who like the status quo, to the tech savvy and early adopters who will embrace the new technology, FITTS take your organisation and discover your needs, culture, people, benefits and success. We then create a custom plan for your technology and how to deliver adoption of the new services. Making sure we don’t overwhelm your people and help them at their own pace, is our priority.

“We’ve seen a 73-percentage increase in the adoption rate between doing nothing and running a structure user journey campaign.”

Large International Office 365 Roll Out


Getting started and planning change can be difficult. Especially when you don’t know how it will impact your organisation. Do you know how people work in your organisation and how they interact with technology? FITTS have experience, we know how to get started. We’ll give you the expert guidance you need for an implementation plan and offer a variety of services. You’ll be supported by our qualified and experienced team.


The planning is complete, time to go live! Launch your project or programme that you have work hard on alongside our FITTS team to make perfect for your organisation. Drive adoption with the introduction of all the new applications and achieve the return on investment faster. With the right communications, and our support, your launch should get the buzz going but the work doesn’t stop here.


Unlock the true value of this new technology and what it can bring to your organisation. Transform the ways of working across your organisation by sticking to your bespoke programme. The hard work will pay off. Use the techniques and training methods continuously throughout your company. Once all implemented and it all becomes second nature, your organisation will feel more efficient, secure and advanced technologically.

It may not be a straightened path or an easy journey. The key is to predict and prepare for resistance. You need to reassure them that there is something in all of this for them. The reassurance that this is going to support their work by reducing time on certain task, engage their collaboration and increase their productivity. This change is benefit to all.