Enterprise mobility and security is a set of tools to secure, automate and enhance the Modern Workspace (Office 365 and Windows 10).

EMS is broken into five core areas:

Identity Protection

Would you compromise when it comes to Security?

  • Identity attacks increased 300% last year. There are steps we can all take to ensure our security.
  • Take steps to strengthen your credentials and increase end user awareness of why it’s important.
  • Setup account to challenge people for more information (such as MFA) – especially for those accounts that have privileged access.
  • We live in a world of automation. Why no automate your threat response.

Information Protection

Your data is important to you. Make sure it is protected whilst it’s in storage or one the move.

Classification and Labelling

  • Enforce or allow manual labelling standards and mark the document
  • Classification enables the controls around and security for the document

Monitor and Respond

  • Revoke document access regardless of location internally or externally
  • Track the document location and users who have access or have access
  • Restrict data from leaving the corporate estate

Protect and Secure

  • Encrypt documents based on their labelling
  • Restrict access regardless of document location (internal or external)
  • Enforce security policies across the Office 365 tenant

Device Management

The devices your organisation owns are important. As are the ones owned by others who access your data and information. Managing these devices has never been easier, with controls now available on many different operating systems.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  • Device controlled by and managed fully by corporate IT
  • Used for corporate devices (not BYOD)
  • Application Protection can also be applied
  • Ability to fully remote wipe
  • Enforcing of device security standards

Mobile Application Management/Protection (MAM)

  • Corporate data protected in secure ‘Bubble’
  • Additional security can be applied to Approved Applications
  • Data cannot be transferred to personal applications
  • Corporate data can be wiped
  • Personal data & applications remain untouched
  • Enforcing of security standards for managed applications

Office 365 Security

With built in security available as part of Office 365, you can protect your data and access through controls.

Risk Based Access

  • Dependant on device, location or identity access granted or denied
  • Grant access by application and high-level area within application
  • Allow or deny key services such as download email attachment based on risk-based access

 Cloud App Security

Make sure your organisation has the visibility and control it needs to tackle cybercrime and threats across your environment.

  • Enables visibility of Shadow IT
  • Visibility of Third-Party application usage
  • Aligned to risk-based access controls
  • Controls to revoke access on externally stored data or to prevent data from leaving your estate
  • Report on external applications