The Modern Desktop is more than just an operating system, it has become the place where your desktop seamlessly interacts with your collaboration services. It’s now about continuous improvement and updates – say ‘goodbye’ to those big bang programmes to update the desktop as evergreen gives people the improvements and updates, they need through continuous improvement.

Windows 10

The latest and continuously developing desktop operating system from Microsoft. With built in security its most advanced form. Interacting with your desktop and its intelligent advancements. Microsoft are constantly working to improve Windows with fixes and new features semi-annually. Ensures you will have the most recent and improved version of Windows.

Windows 10 Security

The world of cyber security has changed. Organisations face a constant stream of threats that require their infrastructure, devices and platforms to be secure without disrupting the user experience too significantly. Security being at the core of everything Microsoft do, rest assured Windows 10’s security is at its most secure form to date. From the moment you log in with Windows Hello to every application, browser and email you open – security is at the foundation of everything you do. We work together with our clients to provide the most detailed information about security to ensure your transition to Windows 10 and Office 365 is secure.

Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security

Windows 10 with Enterprise Mobility and Security provides the secure and safe modern solution for your organisation and the future. With Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) you can be guaranteed that your devices, whether company or personally owned, are secure and can be wiped of all corporate data if compromised. We provide advice on the best configuration for these services that give your organisation the security required and balance the user experience.

Windows 7 to Windows 10

Desktop Migration can be a challenging task however with FITTS supporting you through the process you can be confident that the transition will be professional and secure. FITTS have planned, supported and delivered hundreds of thousands of desktop migrations over the years. Supporting the technology migration, the business change and end user support from small businesses to large multinational enterprises.

Desktop Applications

The applications on your device are key to your working day, transitioning from Windows 7 to 10 could mean some of those applications do not function or work as expected. We can resolve that. FITTS have a skilled application solutions team who guide you through the migration journey, from a quick fix to planning service through the entire application readiness life cycle to Windows 10.