Office 365 is the cumulation of applications – some familiar and some new giving your organisation the productivity and collaboration needed to succeed. FITTS can opens the gate to all these applications and supports the adoption progress.  Office 365 connects your organisation on a platform that provides all the necessary tools to communicate and collaborate worldwide.

Core Applications

The applications that we all know and love. The applications that have taken us through our education and into the world of work. The applications that make so many things possible. Word, PowerPoint and Excel visually haven’t changed very much from the classic, yet its capabilities have become so advanced. They now provide collaboration from almost anywhere, on almost any device. Thanks to the advances in cloud technology, you can access files and documents with a single sign-on with an enhanced user experience. Finally, there have been significant new functions added to these familiar applications to assist those with accessibility requirement – such as difficulty with reading, writing or hearing.

Communication & Collaboration Applications

Teams and Yammer. Microsoft Teams is the modern workspace hub – combining chat, file storage, meetings with video and the latest accessible features. Even more than that, thanks to APIs, Teams will integrate with other applications you use are part of your organisation. Teams provides a space to keep everything you work on, all the people you work with and all the files you collaborate on all in one. In the modern workforce there’s a need for communication and collaboration on-the-go and internationally. Teams is the perfect tool for such a demand in the modern workplace.

Yammer is your workplace digital network. Organisations need a space where their people can share ideas, stories and connect with colleagues about shared interests, practices and passions. Yammer is an opportunity for all members of an organisation to connect and the executive to engage with frontline employees and discover efficiency savings.

Transitioning from Skype for Business to Teams

You may have been using Skype for Business and plan to move to Teams. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements and find out how people across the organisation are using Skype for Business. Using this discovery, we’ll create a roadmap that will take you from Skype for Business to Teams and support the adoption and change management required to support people.

Storage and The Cloud

OneDrive and SharePoint are your storage in Office 365. OneDrive is your drive. With your files stored in the cloud, you have access to your files from anywhere with internet connection, on most devices and the ability to have files stored for on demand access. SharePoint is the collaborative cloud. It’s the place for your projects, teams, departments and the modern intranet.  Simply and securely share files based on permission both in and outside of your organisation.

Additional Applications

The benefits of Office 365 don’t stop with the applications we’re highlighted. OneNote is the application for quick note taking, so save the paper and type or draw your notes and share them with colleagues. Create impressive slideshows with Sway.  Depending on your licencing and requirements, if your company is big on numbers and dashboards, you may want to try out Power BI the tool for gathering statistic and data.