“Change is inevitable, progress is a choice.” – Dean Lindsay

Who are we?

We are FITTS. A team built upon passion, experience and drive. At FITTS, we strive to transform the customer experience, improve operational efficiency and maximise return on investment for our customers. Our FITTS team is a diverse group of people from different backgrounds and sectors. We want to ensure your technology platform supports your organisation, making sure it just FITTS.

Why are we doing what we are doing?

We aspire to support all types of organisations, with people of all abilities, to help your organisation adapt to the ever-changing world of work. Making your organisation a technological and accessible environment to fit the needs of all types of people no matter what language they speak, where in the world they may be based or what challenges they may encounter.

What do we do?

FITTS deliver digital transformation to organisations of all sizes and business needs. We work on a partnership relationship, meaning we work with you to find the best solutions for your organisational needs. Providing end-to-end solutions. Partnering with your organisation to create a framework for business change with all the necessary technology to reinforce assured and efficient operations across your organisation. We want to help you drive step change improvements in digital innovations, help costs and resilience. We want to support you and make sure your people are informed, empowered and efficient workforce!

A trip down FITTS memory lane

FITTS started as the partnership of digital strategy and transformation coming together with the years of experience of delivery and success. A vision was born to make a service that was different, about people and could make change happen with in any size organisation. Three directors came together, each with their own skills and backgrounds, knowing they could establish such a company.